Advanced Technology

Trakopolis Product Description

Trakopolis is a cloud based platform for interfacing mobile communications, software applications and location based services. The platform will enable you to efficiently manage your mobile workforce and assets.

Trakopolis is a user-friendly platform offering online tools and mobile applications for fleet management. The system provides dashboards and analytics for our customer’s location aware assets, as well as real time alerting, tracking, and administration. Trakopolis will provide significant value to you by decreasing your costs and increasing the efficiency of your business operation. Trakopolis assists customers to be compliant with Lone Worker legislation, Hour of Service Regulations, and International Fuel Tax Agreements. Trakopolis provides a marketplace for location aware.

The Trakopolis Platform is developer friendly meaning that it has a rich Application Programming Interface (API) for integration to third party software application. The platform has an Application store for third party software providers who want to bolt on modules within the Trakopolis web app to extend the functionality of the system. This provides a marketplace for location aware software applications.


Trakopolis provides programmatic access to your organization’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces. The Trakopolis API offers 3 types of applications.

Private Machine-2-Machine (M2M)

These applications are intended to be used within your account at Trakopolis only. Private M2M applications have an access to data of your division and all its subdivisions only.

Web plugins

Web plugins can be registered and displayed on the Trakopolis web site. You can register plugin in Trakopolis plugins marketplace, so other users may purchase it and use for their accounts.

External Web applications and mobile applications

External web applications are intended to be used for 3rd party external websites, that needs to provide an access for its users to Trakopolis data. Also this type of application is used on mobile phones. User of your application authorizes at Trakopolis website to grant an access to your application.


Access the functionality of your Trakopolis GPS tracking account through the new iPhone Application. Manage your valuable assets and drivers while being entirely mobile, in or out of the office.

Download on the App Store

Features iPhone Windows 8
Map of Asset Locations Released (free) In Dev (free)
Recent Alerts Released (free) N/A
SOS Released (PRO) In Dev (PRO)
Tracking Released (PRO) N/A
Lone Worker N/A In Dev (PRO)
Messaging In Dev (PRO) In Dev (PRO)

App Store

The Trakopolis App Store is your complete marketplace for cloud computing applications that work with Trakopolis plaftorm. To learn more about building your own Trakopolis bolt-on visit, where you can find code samples and a complete list of instructions.

GIS Data

Our integration with Google Maps Engine allows for your company’s unique GIS data set to be overlaid with your remote assets and workforce. Whether you need your own priority data loaded or want to choose from one of the data sets licensed by CAN Telematics you can count on it being loaded into Trakopolis via Google’s fast and reliable cloud based Geospatial platform. CAN Telematics has licensed data sets from GDM Pipelines for visualizing Oil and Gas pipelines, well, facilities, and roads.

Layer your data on top of Google’s base map and create your own maps and geospatial applications that are supported by Google’s reliable, world-class infrastructure. Build multi-layered, comprehensive maps, augmenting Google’s rich and accurate map content.